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Out and About: Saripa Northern Conference

There are definite signs that the world is moving on from Covid. After a two year absence, South African Restructuring and Insolvency Practitioners Association (Saripa) started off 2022 with a bang by reinstituting its regional […]


Where to now for Comair?

The provisional liquidation Comair continues to raise questions on what will happen going will forward. Vincent Manko, Director in CDH’s Business Rescue, Restructuring & Insolvency sector discussed the next steps for Comair with SAfm.

Special Features

Contingent/conditional/damages claims all have locus standi to set aside BR resolution. However, there is a catch

Business rescue practitioners (BRPs) must tread with caution when they consider who is deemed a creditor in business rescue proceedings. Further care needs to be applied when the question of whether business rescue proceedings have […]